Virginia Del. Riley Ingram, R-Hopewell, introduced a bill today that if signed by the governor would allow the drop of nearly 2.3 million gallons of Febreze onto Hopewell, a factory-laden city located approximately 25 miles southeast of Richmond.

“If you have been to Hopewell you may have noticed that horrible smell lingering in the air, as it has for years, and quite honestly it’s long past time that we do something about it,” said Ingram, holding up a 27-ounce bottle of the odor eliminator made popular in homes and college dormitories. “This here is the exact same harmless, non-toxic product that we want to dump onto Hopewell. The only difference is that’d we’d dump about 11 million bottles onto it.”

The “Febreze Drop,” as Ingram calls it, faces particular pressure in the Senate, where Republicans are calling for the original-scent Febreze to be replaced with a newer scent of the fabric refresher that includes a sparkling effervescent freshness of citrus infused with kiwi. While the citrus Febreze will tack an additional $200,000 onto the $1.2 million tab and last up to four months longer than the original scent, Democrats say they plan to stick to the original Febreze to keep the total price tag under $1.2 million.

If House Bill 683 is approved, the Febreze would be dropped onto Hopewell out of a Basler BT-67 airplane in late July. If the measure fails, the General Assembly has introduced H.B. 684, which gives the state the authority to use bleach instead.



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