At its regular meeting last night, Richmond City Council members unanimously approved a proposal to spend $84 for “one of the best Groupon spa deals” that has ever come across the leaders’ inboxes.

The deal, which includes a manicure finished with a nail bed coating of a mirror-like polish known as Shellac, was originally valued $183. After receiving the email at 5:28 a.m., the city hired an outside consultant to analyze the Groupon and its benefits for the city. The study concluded that the purchase was a “win-win for all” but was completed hastily because of the deal’s 24-hour-only availability, council members said.

“In the end this was just too good an arrangement for us to pass up,” said newly re-elected City Councilwoman Kathy C. Graziano, noting that she was looking forward to having the rough corners of her nails on both her feet and hands smoothed over by a “qualified extremity expert,” as stated in the Groupon email.

“I think the email also said that the pedicure and manicure also includes a deep tissue massage,” added Graziano, 53.¬†”I’m not sure though. I didn’t really read the whole thing.”

Even some of the most outspoken city residents were supportive of the Groupon deal. Silver Persinger, who attends most City Council meetings, said he himself would go this weekend for a spa treatment and, to quote the Groupon email, a “deep tissue massage to just melt away the stress of long workweeks and impossible calculus equations with targeted pressure on muscle groups, while the powerful exfoliation of a surface-peeling facial can minimize pores and increase smoothness to create friction-free travels for errant raindrops and tears of joy.”



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  1. Rich on January 7, 2011 11:16 am

    My new favorite blog. Everyone could use a qualified extremity expert!

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