Federal authorities said today that after a months-long investigation, the owner of Byram’s Lobster House has been indicted on felony charges for operating a place called Byram’s Lobster House.

A grand jury on Monday indicted Byram’s owner Konstantinos Nikiforos, 56, and accused him of legally operating something called the Byram’s Lobster House in the 3200 block of West Broad Street. Authorities accuse Nikiforos of serving a variety of traditional foods to patrons who were willing to eat at a place with “Byram” in its name, the 22-page indictment read, adding that this same place also serves lobsters.

“Our yearlong investigation revealed an astonishing amount of evidence that Mr. Nikiforos has, for nearly 20 years, been operating something with the words ‘Byram’s’ and ‘Lobster’ in it, choosing to put both terms side by side,” U.S. attorney John Fischer said during a press conference at the federal courthouse downtown. “How anyone could so egregiously call a place Byram’s Lobster House and get away with it for so long is one of the more sinister acts that I have ever witnessed in the food services industry.”

Fischer said he has not been so disturbed by a restaurant’s name since going to Verbena or Konsta’s or Carlton’s or whatever that place is called now.

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