A new study out today¬†from the University of Richmond sheds new evidence onto a long-held theory that most, if not all, of the region’s celebrities do – at one time or another – many of the same things that the rest of us do.

The 117-page report, titled “Richmond Celebrities: They’re Just Like Us,” uncovers the seemingly normal habits of some of the city’s more well-known people, including NBC12 anchor Sabrina Squire’s heavy BlackBerry usage and artist Ed Trask’s daily perusal, just for kicks, of craigslist.org’s “missed connections” page.

“From going out with friends on a Friday or Saturday night to watching reruns of The Hills, our extensive research found that pretty much all of the local celebrities we interviewed to do stuff that we all do,” said UR sociology professor Mary Ann Melton, who admitted she was interested to hear that, just like her, local singer-songwriter Susan Greenbaum sometimes gets pedicures and manicures. “Believe it or not, some of these famous people even go as far as to get married, settle down, and raise a family.”

Added Melton: “Eventually, some will even die.”

Based on data gathered from more than 340 area VIPs, researchers uncovered numerous common practices performed by seemingly larger-than-life individuals, from brushing their teeth in the morning to shopping at area grocery stores to their celebration of holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and – in three instances – Yom Kippur.

The report also made specific mentions of Style Weekly editor Jason Roop’s love of walking his dog two to three times per day, much like a normal person with a dog would do. UR’s Melton also noted NBC12 reporter Ryan Nobles’ enjoyment of dressing up his six cats as Shakespearean characters and putting on elaborate stage productions for his coworkers during downtime.


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