Richmond Mayor and avid Wikipedia editor Dwight Jones told reporters today that he stayed up until 2 a.m. this morning tinkering with the city’s entry in the editable online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Among the changes to “Richmond, Virginia,” the mayor said, was the complete removal of the “Civil War and Reconstruction” subheading and text, along with the deletion of all mentions of slavery, tobacco, or notes on the city’s racial divide. The 62-year-old also added “An Awesome Place to Live” under “Motto” on the article’s sidebar, and uploaded a picture of himself atop a majestic black stallion into the “Government” section.

And while the mayor decided to keep the “Crime” section, he did choose to alter the name to “Crime (Just Remember, Every City Has It, Not Just Us).”

“Not that we don’t honor or recognize that stuff, but you know, it just all carries such a negative connotation when you think about possible tourists or whoever reading our entry,” said Jones, adding that he has become an expert in wiki markup language and basic HTML in recent weeks.  “We don’t want people getting the wrong impression of us, even if it is the right impression, which it is not.”

Jones has been known to frequently peruse Wikipedia and often adds to the entry for the online multiplayer game “World of Warcraft” – of which he is a regular player – and will often edit random Wikipedia articles for grammar, punctuation, and inappropriate use of exclamation points!

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